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"Your healthcare solutions are just a phone call away..."



Our Mission

To provide Doctors and patients with a single, dependable source for all their ancilliary medical needs.



Company Profile

Unity Healthcare Providers isn't quite like any other health care organization in South Florida.  You'll sense that from the moment you begin a relationship with us.

We've been able to grow from a small family-run operation, founded in 1980, to quite a large family-run operation, never losing sight of the things that made us so successful in the first place.  Despite our growth, we are just as caring, just as committed to our patients and community as ever, striving day after day to provide quality and service at the highest levels.

We feel we've grown very sensibly, too, selectively implementing services that add to our overall delivery capacity, without losing our ability to respond promptly and professionally to all of our patients and physicians' needs.

One of the things that has always made Unity unique is that the physicians can get all the information and services they need with a single phone call.  They can get an update on a patient's status, have a wheelchair dispatched or a prescription filled - without having to go through the rigors of trying to reach the right party in the right department.  One call to our central operator and they will be put in touch with precisely the person they need to talk to.

In short, Unity provides a very broad array of services in a highly efficient, integrated system.  The quality of our services, our skilled, multilingual and multicultural staff, and our long experience in dealing in the complexities of our industry, make us uniquely qualified to serve your healthcare requirements.




Contact Information

If you are a physician looking for relief from referral headaches, or a patient looking for a better way to receive your medical services and/or products, we'd love to have the opportunity to serve you.

Postal address
1401 E 4 Ave, Suite 102 Hialeah, FL 33010
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General Information: info@UnityProviders.com
Webmaster: Webmaster@UnityProviders.com


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